Relevance, Retention & Algorithm

So, your companies website has been sitting dormant for quite awhile, probably since you’ve moved your digital marketing across to social media. We believe it’s time for SEO? Where do you start? We know it can be relatively simple to input all the SEO tactics into your website, but the weeks have gone by and your daily tap into the Google search box to check if your site is ranking has only led to disappointment, and your SEO strategy is a bit outdated and now the website is ranking  on page 10. This is when you realise that the DiY approach is not working and as a matter of fact, it has made your sites rank worse.

It’s time to reach out and find an expert to get your site ranking under your priority search terms and not be penalised by Google. The Google search is still where your customers are.

Invest in SEO strategy to reach your online goals, it’s worth it.

Turn on SEO

  • Relevance of content

  • Keyword  and competitor research

  • Data driven approach

  • Speed Insights and Heat mapping

Published On: November 13th, 2020 / Categories: Marketing Strategy, SEO /