Welcome to 2021

What we saw in 2020 was the biggest change of all ages spending more time online, whether it was for browsing, work, researching, games or spending. We have become a society dependent on the internet and savvy on social media. Video conferencing became the new norm for B2B meetings, even those at home Mums brushing up their skills to become your child’s teacher! For those who were already confident with computers and internet for some, it proved to be a daunting experience.

So, as we turn a corner into the New Year of 2021, what are the best marketing trends your business should focus on? We have mentioned a few below, if your not reaching your potential in any of these areas, please call us to discuss in more detail.

If you have been chugging along ok in 2020, there can always be more juice squeezed from the lemon to reach new heights. Here are our top trends for 2021.

  1. Regular Digital Marketing audits: to ensure your website, content, headlines , ads, copy and creatives are hitting the right market on all channels including organic and paid ads on Google Search and Social Media.
  2. Data
    Less than 33% reported having the ability to collect and integrate data across multiple online and offline channels, only 1% are using data to deliver a fully cross-channel experience for their customers.
  3. Conversion Modelling
  4. Brandstanding – Consumers want more than a good product or service. They need to feel connected to the brands they love, support, and patronize.
  5. Community Spirit – Throwing the life raft out
    Companies are now willing to partner and support local charities or non-profit organisations. We’ve seen more brands running campaigns like Jetset Plumbing’s Grant a wish and backing non-profit organisations such as World Vision, Movember and Breast Cancer Awareness.
  6. Enhancing customer experience online
  7. Online video content
  8. Providing an Omni-Channel approach with consistency
  9. Partnering with one agency that has a team specialised in areas of Digital Marketing.
  10. Social Commerce (adding products direct to Facebook/Instagram.)
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