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Pipe relining is the latest technology for fixing broken pipes, that are located in your backyard underground.

Instead of using diggers to dig up the old broken pipe, there is a method we can use to reline your existing pipes. This means – no digging involved! No excavation equipment and no mess.

Pipe relining is a long-lasting and proven drain repair technology with costs starting from $500 to $800 per metre. It’s important that you consider additional factors such as length, width or number of ends when weighing up your options for how much it will cost since the final price depends on those details!

One of the most significant factors in pricing your pipe relining job is the diameter. The larger a section that needs fixing, the more resin and liner we have to use as well as the extra time needed for installation due to its size–and higher cost per inch comes with these increased dimensions too!

Our pipe relining method involves inserting a pipe liner into the existing drain pipe. The liner then becomes permanently fixed to the surrounding pipe, essentially replacing the pipe from within.

The resulting pipe is stronger and more durable than plastic or clay pipes. Impervious to tree roots.

Pipe relining is a proven way that is much faster, more reliable and saves money when compared to replacing the old pipes using digging and excavation.

A relined pipe is unlikely to corrode naturally with time so easily. The adhesive used in place of the rubber couplings will last for decades. The durability, longevity and low cost of a relined pipe makes them one of the best investments you can make for your home. It’s predicted that most will last 50 years or more!

We are so confident in our product and procedure that we have a 30-year warranty on our pipe relining installations. For a FREE quote, contact your local pipe relining Sydney plumber today.

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