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Jake Harris

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  • SEO / Website Development / Google Paid Ads / Social Media Advertising

    Here is some Quick FAQ’s? The 5 W’s and one H.

    We recommend to start with a pay per click ads as it can take 3 plus months or more to get top ranks. The SEO would need to be maintained for life to stay in the top 3 rank.

    We would need to start with an SEO audit to ensure your website complies with Google search protocols.

    There is a number of areas to cover on and off you website.  To begin to rank on a highly competitive keyword, we would need to start with a website audit. An SEO audit covers all areas including content, on page seo, technical areas, speed tests, video, backlinking and more. Be prepared for 2021.

    With so many areas to cover in SEO, it is best to leave it to the experts. Our team offer 20+ years experience and have proven top ranks under the most competitive keywords. We work with all kinds of industries including: retail, sports, key trades including plumbers, electricians, builders, hospital and aged care,  tourism & hospitality, new openings,  manufacturing and more.

    Our team is ready to start immediately once the agreements and quote has been accepted.